EPIC Update…..

What an EPIC beginning to 2015.  I mean, to be waken up at 4am the day before your birthday (see the revealing of the surprise here), rushed off to the airport by your wife, and end up in Vegas with friends and family, not knowing any of it until you see the departure gate at our 2nd airport….that is an EPIC beginning to a GREAT 40th Birthday weekend.   We saw so much, drank a few, slept some, drank some, gambled and lost money, we exercised some, played slots and lost money, drank some, missed some sleep, and had an all out fun vacation.

It ended last night by returning to Wilmington, NC (without our luggage). It was time to be home, we were ready to be home, and it was great to see the boys again.  There will be a much bigger recap , similar to the race recaps everyone is familiar with, to come soon, but this time it will be the VEGAS Recap.  Thanks for reading.

View from our window in Vegas!!

View from our window in Vegas!!


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