Three Weeks!!


Yes, that’s right. It’s DMB time baby!  Three weeks from today, Dave Matthews Band will be in Raleigh at Walnut Creek Pavilion for the 2015 tour.   We have tickets, and CANNOT wait!  Dave is never a bad show.  Never!  Even when he plays a more mellow or subdued set list, it still rocks.  I can’t remember a show I didn’t like, and I’ve seen over 24 of them.  We went to last years show in Raleigh, and have seen them in several other states.  Front row, middle sections, acoustic shows, amphitheaters, stadiums and arenas. Never a bad show!


This year we are going with some good friends of ours, and looking forward to a great time. We are carpooling up to Raleigh together, staying at the same hotel, and then heading to the show together to tailgate and enjoy some DMB.   A few other friends will be joining us for some tailgating, so it will be a great time had by all.  DMB is such an awesome atmosphere.  If you’ve never been to a DMB show, I highly recommend it.  And this year will be similar to last year, where there is no opening act.  It is only DMB.  They play an acoustic set first, and then come back on for an electric set.  They may have special guests join them, but they don’t have a opening act.   They are their own opening act.  And they are AWESOME!

Eat Drink and Be Merry!!

So if you are in the Raleigh area on May 22, let me know and maybe we can all party together for a great evening of good friends and great music!

Who is your favorite band?  Are you a roadie?  Seen them more than once?  



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