I have officially entered Crazy!

This is what my wife told me Sunday morning, as I walked out the door to a steady rain with some light rumbles of thunder.  I was headed out for an 11 mile run as part of my marathon training.  As I left this is what the radar looked like:

Green Green Green on my radar.....

Green Green Green on my radar…..

The weather here in Wilmington has been this way since Friday, rain…rain…rain…and then some more rain.   My wife did a 6 mile run on Friday in the rain. I did a 6 mile run on Saturday in the rain…and then my 11 miler yesterday in the rain, and thunder, and lightning.  Nothing like making you run faster than a big flash of white light and a thundering boom that shook the ground and rumbled for about 5 minutes. Needless to say, I got my training run in.  I felt if I didn’t, I would be cheating myself and feel guilty all day because I didn’t do my run.

Now my wife can tell you that I’m not one to typically do this. I am the best at finding a reason not to run or workout…too cold, too early, too hot, too dark, I don’t want to drive to swim, I don’t want to get in the pool in the backyard and use the tether because the water is too cold, it smells bad outside, etc etc etc.  But, for this past weekend, I impressed myself and felt I have made the commitment for the marathon and the training, so I’m giving it 100%.   It’s mentally and physically tough, but will be well worth it once it’s over with.

So, as I mentioned before and what my wife confirmed, I have officially entered Crazy. What runners and athletes do and withstand to get their training in…rain, snow, ice, heat, high waves, etc.  We do what it takes and are considered “Crazy” by so many others who are not training.

Is there anything that will keep you from training?  Are you a Crazy?