It’s Here!!!!!!


The national championship game ended a few weeks ago.  Pitchers and catchers report to spring training starting February 17.  College baseball games begin February 13.  NASCAR has fired back up and the Twin 120’s will be held February 19th followed by the Daytona 500 February 22.   The Masters will begin tournament play on April 9.  NCAA March Madness will begin in late March/early April.

But none of that matters right now.   The 2015-16 college football schedule has been announced!  We now know what our fall will look like, who we will play, what big games will drive us to adjust our vacations, training runs, work meetings, etc.   I would say I’m not that excited, but honestly, I am.  I know it’s way to early, but this is just one of those things I like to think about.   I love college football, so this makes me happy.

3145006And I will partake in the spectatorship of all the other sports I mentioned, and I’ll enjoy them just as I always do.  But yesterday just brought a little bit more brightness to a cold, dreary winter.

What are you looking forward to?  Are you a football fan?  What events in your schedules dictate vacations?


Starting Week 4…

Here we are in the 4th week of January. What have you done so far this year?  Are you keeping up with your new year’s resolutions?  Are you keeping with those goals?  I have started this year with minimal workouts.  I did start swimming again, not as often as my wife would like, but it’s more than in the past, so it’s a decent start. I do intend to hit the pool tomorrow, and as well as possibly Friday. Depends on scheduling with my wife’s workouts. She has long runs on weekends, so I believe Friday is her one rest day a week.

I have completed a few runs and a few swims so far this year.   I got 2 swims in of 800m the week before last.  Last Sunday I ran an 8 mile trail run with the local running group we are members of, Wilmington Road Runners Club, in the members only Survival Trail Run. It was supposed to be a 4 or 9ish mile trail run through Carolina Beach State Park.  It was rainy, wet and we all got lost at least once. I at least got 8 miles in, and it wasn’t too terribly wet.

WRRC Group before Survival Run

WRRC Group before Survival Run

Tuesday morning was an 800m swim.   Friday was supposed to be an 800m swim, but I got lazy, wanted an extra 1-1/2 hours of sleep, so didn’t get a workout in.  It rained cats and dogs on Friday night/Saturday morning, so I opted out of a workout again.  It’s easy for me to talk myself out of a workout, and I did it again Saturday.  Sunday my wife had a running race with WRRC, the Beethoven 15k, so I hung out with the boys.  We did a group dinner with runner friends on Saturday night, and had some great pizza.  Kelli, myself and Stat Man (Book Worm, my 12-year-old, was at a sleepover with classmates), went to Mellow Mushroom.  Boy was that pizza good.

Stat Mans' pizza from Mellow Mushroom.

Stat Mans’ pizza from Mellow Mushroom.

Sunday was fairly uneventful.  I did some tasks around the house. Stat Man played NCAA 12 on the PS3, winning all 3 games.  I picked up Book Worm and dropped him off for his annual christmas present lunch/shopping trip with his aunt and uncle.  I returned home and then we went out doors and started some destruction.   We have quite a large deck in our backyard, and we don’t like it.  The deck is fine, but it’s starting to deteriorate, too many overgrown trees, railings stink, etc.  It has a handrail around 90% of it, which blocks the view of our pool, trampoline, grass, everything.  And we have some seriously overgrown bushes that surround the deck.  One of the projects I have undertaken is to remove the handrail, remove the bushes, and open up the deck for better visibility into the yard.  Man what a difference it made. The kids had fun destroying the deck rails once removed, and I feel better now that the deck looks cleaner.  Can’t wait to get this all finished and be ready to entertain for our annual summer party.

Newly Destructed Deck

Newly Destructed Deck

We finished the weekend off Sunday night by relaxing on the couch and watching Ocean’s 12.  What a great series of movies.  Ocean’s 12 is not our favorite of the three, but it’s still a good one, and Stat Man and Book Work hadn’t seen it.


Tuna relaxing

And now we dive into this week, which has lots going on (running, swimming, Wrightsville Beach marathon volunteer meeting, Clemson Club Alumni Group meeting, KRTN, wife’s coaching meeting, more training, long runs for my wife, and finally the Super Bowl on Sunday.  Our EPIC year is just beginning.

What have you done so far this year?  Are you keeping up with your new year’s resolutions?  Are you keeping with those goals? Any big training runs this week? 


21 to 26.2

We had some fun this past week and weekend.  We, as a family, have been looking for some new things to do at night to keep us busy and not getting bored at home.  We have learned new games (Farkle, Golf), watched movies or new tv shows (Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge), completed puzzles, and have tried to implement a 20-30 minute reading time each night.  But this past week, we taught the kids Blackjack.  We printed out the “rules” to blackjack, broke out the poker chips and started playing.  It was quite fun to see the boys using their minds and following “the rules” of blackjack to win chips. It is educational, as they have to do the math to figure out what they have, and what they need. So we’re teaching them something, right?  I myself did not fair so well, but my youngest, Stat Man, did amazingly well.  He sort of followed the rules of betting, and won lots.  He was cleaning house.  We are debating taking him to Vegas next time we go.  (We did not fair so well at the tables in Vegas).


As for the rest of the weekend, my wife completed a 19 mile run on Saturday in preparation of her marathon in March.  I did an 8-mile trail run on Sunday morning with the WRRC group, in the rain.  Wasn’t a bad rain, well, not during the run. It was a downpour driving to the state park.  But, we have to get our runs in no matter what.  We watched some football.  What a finish between Seattle and Green Bay.   And way to go Patriots.  Looking forward to seeing the Patriots hoist the trophy again on February 1.

And a question has been proposed to me by my partner in crime (“honey, I have an idea…..”). My wife, RunningBoston&Beyond (Kelli), is registered and training for the 2015 Florida Ironman (after her March Marathon).  As part of her training, it was suggested to her to participate in the Wilmington Beach2Battleship Triathlon, which is an Iron distance triathlon and relay.  She would do the swim and bike portion of the relay for training, and then I would do the marathon portion for the relay.  At first I was hesitant, not sure I wanted to tackle another marathon so soon.  But as of last night, after our conversations of what 2015 will bring, I said what the hell, let’s do it.  We’ll figure out specifics later.

b2b logo

So, I guess I now have a marathon on my calendar to train for.  What do you do  at night at home to keep things fun around the house and the boredom at bay?  What big activities are you planning for 2015?

A Jacket did that?

Have you ever seen your child just blow their top?  I mean, REALLY blow their top?  There are some tantrums, and meltdowns, and my kids have had them on and off, but we haven’t had a big one in awhile.  Well, today we got it.  I mean, it was a dooozy.

I’ll quickly set the scene:  It’s 17 degrees outside in Wilmington, NC, a location not used to really cold weather ever.  My wife (her story on the matter here) and I told our son, who’s 8 years old, to be known in this story as Volcano, came was preparing his stuff and putting his shoes on for school.  Mom tells Volcano to put on a thicker coat, cause the overshirt that he usually wears isn’t warm enough for 18 degrees outside, and we don’t want him to get cold.   You would have thought she told him to go out and plow the 18″ off the driveway and walk up the mountain to school with both legs tied behind his back.  Volcano erupted.  The coat was too big (according to him). There were quite the hilarious phrases he muttered amongst Niagara Falls tears, a backpack tossed on the floor, a toboggan cap thrown across the room.  Here’s a sample:

“My friends will make fun of me because my coat is too big.”

“I’m never wearing this coat again.”

“It’s so big.”

“Why are you making me do this?”

Mom and I glanced at each other and laughed, which made the Volcano even more angry.  He stated the coat was too big, which I replied “I’m wearing a XXL coat, which fits me the exact same as your coat fits you, and I’ve been wearing it for 6 years, and it’s fine.  Your coat is fine”.   Volcano replied “It isn’t big on you”.  That seemed simple enough, but as my wife and I have such great senses of humor, and are quite the smartasses, wife proceeds to say “I think he just called you fat hunny!”.  To which, Volcano erupted a little more.


After 10 long minutes of this, several threats, with the last one being “I will throw you in the car and strap you in myself”, Volcano proceeded to get in the car.

Since it was 18 degrees outside, I had decided to drive him to school so he didn’t have to wait in the cold for the bus (actually, it was so mom and I didn’t have to wait in the cold).  The short 10 minute drive was filled with more waterfall tears and muttered sayings from Volcano:

“Why are you putting me through this torture?”

“You’re going to tell me what to do for the rest of my life.”

“I’ll never get to do anything I want to do.”

“I’m so embarrassed.”

“I wish I could have ridden the bus”.

Of course, I couldn’t leave it alone, and I had to reply that even had he ridden the bus, he was still wearing the jacket….and a few more alligator tears rolled down his face.  We finally got to school, pulled up to the curb and stopped the car.  He shuffled across the backseat, opened the door, said something like “I’m so embarrassed in this coat”, rolled out of the car and huffed his way into the school.  I’m sure he ripped that coat off and shoved it in his bag as soon as he walked in the front door to the school, but at least we got him in there wearing that coat.

Mom and Dad 1 – Volcano 0.

For an even more EPIC read on the story, please check out my wife’s blog here.


Sports, Reality and Stat Man


Wednesday is here.   The holidays are over.   I went back to work on Monday.  The kids went back to school on Monday.  We all resumed our “normal routines” this week.  I’m sure some of you have made new year’s resolutions.  Some of you have already started exercising like mad men, trying to get ALL the miles in now to prepare for that upcoming race in March, or May, or November.  The gyms are full of people lining up to register and begin their resolutions.   And by May, the gyms will be empty again.

I do miss being home on vacation.  I basically spent 2 full weeks at home on vacation.  I worked a couple days  between Christmas and New Years (since I used all my vacation throughout the year and didn’t save it all for December).  But it was fairly slow, so no real stress.  I did start to get bored.  I wasn’t bored with my family, or bored with being at home.  I just didn’t know what to do.   I should have picked up my book “Unbroken” and read more than the “Introduction”.  I didn’t want to start any home projects as I knew I’d be getting back to work on Monday.  My wife said to just sit and relax.  I didn’t think I had a hard time doing that, but I guess I did.  It was rainy out.  So, I watched football.  I tinkered in the garage, played on the internet…watched more football. I tallied the results of our family football pool. Watched some more football.  Drank a few beers, including my Porter homebrew (ps. It’s really good!).  Jumped on the new trampline with the boys. Watched more football.

My family loves football.  Mostly college, but we get behind the NFL teams when it comes to the playoffs. The Carolina Panthers, our local team (well, North Carolina based and I grew up watching them), played Arizona in the Wild Card round of the playoffs.  My 8 (soon to be 9) year old, now to be known as Stat Man, has been collecting football player cards for the past year or so.  He holds them in a stack, carries them around, flips through them, memorizes them, shows them to everyone, wraps up certain players to give as gifts at Christmas based on where that person is from (he wrapped up two Kansas City Chief’s players for his grandparents, as they went to a KC game this year, and they live in Missouri).   He is immersed in football year round, since August 1 when his season started, helping me with my fantasy football draft, watching the scores for me, telling me ALL the stats, watching SportsCenter every Saturday and Sunday morning.  Stat Man corrects me on statistics, players, where they played in college, numbers, etc.   It’s awesome!   Here is what he prepared for the Panthers game on Saturday afternoon:

Playing Card Matchup

Playing Card Matchup

And as the college football season is winding down (one game left, and not really  much interest), and the pros now in the playoffs with the Super Bowl on February 1, I guess we will turn to baseball.  Stat Man will learn all new stats for this season, and we will have really high hopes for the Red Sox.  Pitchers report on Feb 1.

College basketball season is gearing up.  Clemson doesn’t really have a good team, so nothing to follow there, other than the increasing #’s in the L column.  My other favorite team, Kentucky Wildcats, are very good this year and favorites to be cutting down the nets at the end of the year.  I will watch the conference tournaments and the Big Dance, but nothing really in between.  Stat Man will keep me posted I’m sure.

So what are you doing the beginning of this year?  What do you have planned for 2015?  Races? Vacations?  Sporting Events? Concerts?