Rocked It!!

Just completed my last long run (10+ miles) yesterday for my marathon training. On to full taper with less than 2 weeks from my first full marathon.  Making the final arrangements for the trip to Savannah, GA, as well as planning meals and such for the big event.  I’m actually a little nervous today looking over all the paperwork and thinking about it.  I’ve done two 20 mile runs, but there was no pressure, no race atmosphere, just me and some friends running.   This will be a bigger deal.  But, more to come on that later.

I really want to just give a big shout out and congratulations to my wife, Kelli, who completed an awesome half iron distance triathlon this weekend.  It was her first, but she totally rocked it (and it won’t be her last).  I am so proud of her and what she accomplished, and am anxiously awaiting (no really, anxiously) her next adventure beyond her next marathon.  2015 will probably bring something bigger than what 2014 has brought.

Kelli showing off her well deserved bling.

Kelli showing off her well deserved bling.

So again, congrats to my wife, who rocked it out.   You are awesome.