That scared the sh&t out of me….

So it’s October, and we all know the stories that come out in October.  Mine is a pretty simple story, nothing real scary, other than it scared me.   I was out for a normal 5am 5 mile run through my neighborhood.  We live in a simple neighborhood, asphalt streets, not really many curbs on the street, just asphalt ending in people’s yards.  Street lights are randomly scattered along the streets, so there are dark spots along the way. I was at a crossing street to continue my mileage.  Focusing hard on the roadway, as it is not the most even pavement.  BAM!   Out of the blue (or black of darkness), I hear “Good Morning”. As if right on top of me. Then I heard the footsteps. It took me about 5 seconds to muster up the “morning” response.  My body had jumped at least 6 inches off the ground, may have been a foot.  Adrenaline running strong through my body.   Took me about another 1/2 mile before I calmed back down.   I never saw the other running coming. Never heard him.  I think I spotted an all black clothed figure passing me right about the time the words I heard came out, but I can’t be for certain.  I just know I was scared silly.


And then I heard (actually read) a story from a fellow runner in the area.  This individual was out running early one morning.  He  indicated he believes he heard voices on a dark and quiet road behind him, not necessarily getting closer, but could hear them.   Then he approached a curve in the road, and saw a faded white figure, just hovering around the road.  It then vanished.  He was immediately spooked, but hasn’t seen it since.  The story of this “ghost” can be found here.

And with the history of this great city, Wilmington, NC, and the ghosts of past and shipwrecks and travelers, this month will bring lots of old and new stories alike.  The new television series “Sleepy Hollow” is filmed here in Wilmington, NC, and if anyone has seen this show, it can bring thoughts of evil and scary.  During some of my morning runs, I travel through the dark areas of the neighborhood, and I think I hear things, or see things, but then they aren’t there.   I think about Sleepy Hollow and the tales of Ichabod Crane, and an eerie feeling comes across me and I run just a little bit faster.

What have you experienced on one of your runs?  Anything spooky? Haunted?  Hope everyone has a safe, and hopefully non-ghostly, October.