Painfully Quick Update

So as you know, I have been dealing with a calf muscle pain that has bothered me for a couple weeks now.  I took a few days off from running last week, and even cut some mileage in order to try and “quickly” get my calf healed. I rolled and I iced.  I iced and I rolled.  So I went out last Thursday and ran a quick 3 miles.  When I say quick, I’m not talking fast or in a short time period. I’m referring to it was only 3 miles, so it didn’t take 3 hours like our long training runs.  My calf felt good. A little bit of tightness, but nothing too bad.  So I took my normal Friday off, rolled and iced.  I then set out on Saturday morning for a 5 to 8 mile run, whatever felt best.  I got to mile 3 and my calf hurt.  I could feel it worse than it was a week ago.  So I cut my run off at 5 miles, and really started worrying about my scheduled 20 miler the next day. How in the hell am I going to do that?

I did go on Friday night and purchase a compression sleeve for my calf.  I bought an XL based on the salespersons recommendation, due to my calf size.  I tried on the L and the XL, and the L felt really tight, the XL not so tight. But I went with the XL anyways.   Well, I wore it on my Saturday run, and it felt like just a sock around my leg.  It did nothing other than grab some weeds and cut the cool air from hitting my leg.  So, later in the day Saturday, I went back to the store and bought the L size.

I set out on Sunday morning at 6 am for my 20 mile long run. My LAST long run before I enter taper and hit the homestretch of my marathon training.  Completed it.  ALL 20 miles.  No real issues. I could feel a slight bit of pain, but the new size compression sleeve worked wonders.  I’ll probably wear it for the balance of my training and the race, whether I need it or not.

I sat around on Sunday afternoon relaxing and watching some football (and quickly turned the Panthers game off as they blew chunks against the Packers), I felt a pain on the top of my left foot. I just figured it was from a long running day, just an ache. No biggie.  Well, Monday came, and it felt worse. Hurt with every step.  So I decided to take off from my 5 miler today to give it one more day of rest, see how it goes.  My wife thinks it’s just one of those “pains” you get in taper.


We shall see.  Hopefully she’s right (but I won’t give her the enjoyment of it by telling her).