Well that was Short Lived!

This is how I feel like the past 2 months have been..grey and dreary...

This is how I feel like the past 2 months have been..grey and dreary…

I’m not sure what everyone else’s weather this Winter has been like, but here in Wilmington, NC, it has been extra cold, wet, grey, somewhat icy, and downright crappy.  It’s been low temps in the lower 30’s to upper 20’s at nights, and highs in the upper 30’s and lower 40’s much more recently than I can remember NC ever having for extended periods of time.  I know, I know, all you northerners laugh at me and think we are big woosies because of the cooler weather we are complaining about.  I lived in Iowa for 7 years, experiencing blizzards, 5 months of snow covered, less than 20 degree temperatures, and sub -20 temperatures.  So yes, I truly understand what cold is. But having been in NC for the past year and half, and having lived in Texas for 2 years prior to NC, I’ve kind of acclimated to warmer weather.  So I get cold easier.

So what do you do when the temperature hits 70?  You spend as much time outside in the daylight hours as you can, even if it is just for one day.  Yesterday was 70+ degrees, and it was GREAT.  We had the STRIDE program at Stat Man’s elementary school yesterday afternoon.  That was a great 1 1/2 hours of fun running 20 3rd to 5th grade boys around.  Then we headed home and immediately raced outside for playtime.  We shot baskets, threw the football, jumped on the trampoline, walked the dog….whatever we could to stretch one warm day into a week.

And tonight the temperatures plummet from the 70’s to the upper 20’s, with forecasted possible sleet and freezing rain.  Friday’s high: 34.    This weather sucks.  That groundhog is a POS.

So I began thinking of warm weather.  I hate the winter cold.   I like the winter season, mainly for the seasons (Christmas) that comes with it, but do not like the cold.  As I’ve said before, I dislike working out in the cold.  I don’t do well getting out of a warm bed to put on tights, layers, hats and gloves and go running in 30 degree weather.  40 degree weather is still a stretch for me.   So, I’m dreaming of warmer weather, but realizing (thanks to my wife for re-emphasizing it) that I need to get back on the exercise routine.  I was swimming at the pool two to three times a week at the local YWCA, but since the YMCA burned down and is not open for swimming, all the YMCA members now swim at the YWCA, and they all go the same time I used to go.  So my 5:30am swim in my own lane, maybe share a lane with one other person, has gone to standing in line outside the locked door at 5:20 behind 10 other people, and then standing on the deck waiting to get a spot in the lane to swim with 3 other people.   Not fun, so I’ve held off exercising.  And as I said, I have not gone running outside…it’s cold.   But since I know I need to begin working out again, I signed up for a half marathon in 8 weeks.  This will motivate me to get outside and begin working out again.  My wife will be doing my training plan, and then I will roll into my marathon training for the B2B Triathlon we are doing together.  If it takes a race to get me going, so be it.

PBC half medal

What have you been up to?  Grey, cold weather got you down?  What motivates you to get out and exercise when it’s sub-cold temperatures outside?


4 thoughts on “Well that was Short Lived!

  1. Glad I could provide some inspiration about getting back into working out. And I want it to be spring REALLY BAD, as long as it comes March 23rd 🙂 I’m looking forward to you being my first client too (rubbing hands with a maniacal laugh), and I’ll get you to a sub-2:00 half!


  2. Cold weather can really put a hamper on those exercise disciplines. We are 41 days and counting that the temperature has not climbed above freezing. It is really hard to stay motivated.

    So wonderful to red of your up and coming Half Marathon. You will be back in tip top condition in no time at all! 🙂



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