Homebrew Saturday!!


So, I know you all have been patiently waiting my Savannah marathon race recap.  I’m almost done with it.  Just final proofreading and it will be published.   But I wanted to give a quick status of what this Saturday has brought. The Holidays are quickly approaching, and it is a family tradition between us adults in my wife’s side of the family, to have lots of beer to sample and celebrate with.  My brother-in-law and I both homebrew beer, and today was my day to get a batch going to be ready for Christmas.

Malt and Hops for the brew

Malt and Hops for the brew

I have been brewing for over 15 years, and have brewed many different flavors, perfecting some, struggling with others, but just enjoying the hobby of making homemade craft beer.  Today I am brewing a porter, similar to Sam Smith’s Taddy Porter.  Nothing like a good, solid beer to warm you during the cool winter, holiday season.  My wife is not a big fan of the smell of the wort during the brewing process, and since she’s out of town at training, let’s get to it.  Brew day has arrived!!   My boys love to help, adding all the hops and malt and watching it boil.   Pitching the yeast is the final moment before it goes into fermentation for a week or so.

Boiling Wort w/ Grains

Boiling Wort w/ Grains

We will be bottling this beer the weekend of Thanksgiving, so it will have 2 to 3 weeks carbonating in the bottle before it’s ready to drink.  I will keep you all posted as to the drinkability of this beer.  Happy weekend to all!

What do you do as traditions for the Holidays?  Do you enjoy a hobby with your kids?  Do you enjoy craft beer?


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