Down the Stretch…..

Here we are at 2/3 thru the college football season. My Clemson Tigers have performed as expected…..beating everyone but Georgia and Florida State. Clemson should have won the FSU game, but completely choked. I knew it was coming and it was so painful to watch. I’m sure all you college football fans can relate, especially you Clemson fans. This is nothing new. Clemson has blown leads and games that nobody should lose. Not only in football either. But as we progress through this season, I just hope Clemson gets it’s mojo back, it’s starting QB back, and returns to form and runs the table and finishes strong.

photo (7)

And now the first ever college football playoff top 4 has been announced.  Do you know how much arguing and complaining I have already heard, and it’s barely been 12 hours?  My team deserves better, and this team should be up a few more spots, and this other team doesn’t deserve 5th…blah blah blah.  Does everyone not realize that this will change every week for the next 6 to 8 weeks until the final, official, last final 4 is decided and released?  No need to get your panties in a wad about it in October.  Worry yourself thru thanksgiving dinner, not halloween.

Who is your team? Have you seen epic chokes? Are you a fair weather fan and stick by your team thru good or bad?


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