Marathon Training Update


Just wanted to drop a quick note letting everyone know of where I’m at in my marathon training (Savannah Rock n Roll), some of my thoughts, my fears and what is yet to come.  I officially started my training on July 6 with a whopping 0 miles.   Then I had a rest day.  What a great start to my training.  But, since then, I’ve been putting down some mileage, keeping to my training.  I haven’t missed a workout, and only adjusted my schedule a little bit to deal with travel and other obligations, including my wife’s workout plan for the B2B Half Ironman Race on October 25, 2014.  Here is a summary of mileage I have run since I started:

July – 90.3 miles

August – 149.1 miles

September – 159.2 miles

And I just finished one of my 2 longest runs, 20 miles, on Sunday.   And the shocking thing about it…it felt good.  I wasn’t really that sore when I finished, and wasn’t that sore when I got up on Monday morning.  Maybe I’m not running fast enough. Maybe I need to push myself harder.  Or maybe I just continue on and enjoy  myself.  I’m sure I’ll be sore when the actual marathon is over.  I will probably get caught up in the atmosphere, the start, the other runners, the adrenaline, and end up going a 9 minute mile pace the first mile.  I sure hope my training will keep me from doing that, as I’ve been training my mind to keep me at my pace, not getting caught up in the runners around me.  It has worked for the most part in all my training runs, as I have done the majority of my long runs (12+ miles) on the weekend, and with a group (Wilmington RoadRunners Club).  This group has runners of every pace…from fast (8 minute/mile +), to my speed (10 to 11 minute/mile pace).  We just do our thing, grouped together accordingly, get lost together, talk, find our way back, and encourage each other.  I never thought I would need running with a group as much as I do now.  I actually enjoy it, and look forward to it on a weekly basis.  I’ve even told my wife, shocking to me better yet her, that I would like to continue my weekend group long runs once my marathon is over.  Crazy, huh?  Especially coming from a guy who still doesn’t really consider himself a “runner”.

So, I am now embarking on my final 5 weeks of training, one last 20 mile long run in a couple of weeks, and then taper.  I look forward to the marathon, and I look forward to it being over so I can get my Sunday morning coffee and newspaper time back, as I’ve missed it so.  And I’ll post again soon what October brings me running.

What have you been training for? What will October bring you?


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