How Mental Are YOU?


It’s Friday, so glad it’s Friday. No running for me today, my off day, before a weekend of 13 and 8 mile runs, week 12 of my marathon training plan.  I had 3 straight 5 milers this week (Tues-Thur).  I did what I normally do, get out of bed at 4:45ish in the morning, get my running attire on, stretch, my music situated, and set out on my 5-miler.  It’s only going to be 50 minutes I say, no big deal.  I need to get it done to get back in time to cool off, help my wife get lunches packed for the boys, then shower, eat breakfast, and head off to work by 7:30.  Busy mornings.  Day in and day out.  I’ve gotten into a rhythm.

I started seriously running on July 6, starting my Hal Higdon training program for my 1st full marathon, the Savannah Rock-n-Roll Marathon in November.  I’ve never really trained for any kind of running race before, just more like run some here and there, then do the race.  The last half marathon I did, I think I did one 9-mile run about a week before it and thought I was ready to go.  This training plan has taken a lot of toughness to get through and keep going.  I’ve had to convince myself to get out of bed, 5am, in the rain or the 190% humidity, and run.  No matter what the distance is, or where, I’ve completed all my training runs so far.  I plan to complete all my runs as scripted in my plan.  But it sure has taken a lot of mental strength and toughness to do some of them.

So, as we are about to take on the weekend, with lots of other activities looming (kids sports, college football games, pro football games, birthday parties, etc), will everyone get their workouts in? Will you get up extra early to get in your necessary mileage?  Or will you push the snooze button and let the day go by to have fun and not get in your workout.  What is your limit for mental toughness?  Is a 5-mile run just so easy you can just up and do it? Or does every workout require you to really convince yourself and use a lot of mental focus to get up and get completed?

I’m learning what mental toughness I have, pushing through my runs when I really don’t want to. I’m glad I did the run once I’m finished.  Most people do and will.  So, will you be challenged with  a mental game this weekend?  I’ll be up at 5am tomorrow morning prepping for my 13 miles….Maybe I’ll see you on the road.


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