Parkour is so cool!

So there I was last night, sitting up in the mezzanine at this small warehouse where my 11 year old son is taking parkour (free running) class. What a crazy concept. I had never heard of it before a couple of years ago, and then I had to be told by my kids what it was.  Parkour is just leaps and bounds and tumbles and flips and all kinds of acrobatic things being done over obstacles (there’s much more to it than that, but that’s just my simple mind trying to explain it. I’m an engineer so if I really wanted to explain it, I’d have all kinds of diagrams with vectors and arrows and such placed in this space, but then I’d lose any readers I may have).  Maybe you could describe it as a form of gymnastics.  And who came up with this idea? Was it from running through the woods? Kids daring each other who could jump the furthest over a creek? However it happened, they are brilliant.

My oldest son has fallen in love with it from American Ninja Warrior, a  show on tv that tests strength, agility and just pure guts. My kids want to do it and want a course in our backyard. I foresee it coming soon.

Warped Wall my kids want in the backyard

Warped Wall my kids want in the backyard

Where were all of these cool activities when I was a kid growing up? All we did was spot light tag and go to the local pool. What a great athletic activity parkour is. And how it’s grown in the past 5 years.  Now they give clinics and camps and gyms solely teach free running and ANW obstacles. It’s just absolutely amazing to me.

This night just made me think back to all the things we did as kids, that were so simple.  What do your kids do now that you wish you were able to do as a kid?  What challenges or adventures would you do now?



2 thoughts on “Parkour is so cool!

    • I grew up a city boy….so I had spotlight tag and the local park for basketball and swimming as my entertainment…much different for kids these I’m glad they have these diversions of great activity to keep kids active.


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