What the hell was that?

The heat this past weekend was hot.  Damn hot.  When you go outside on Saturday morning at 6am to jog and it is already 83 degrees with 900% humidity, you know it’s going to a tough workout.  It was.  I did a 9 mile jog on Saturday morning.  My longest run since my 1/2 marathon the beginning of May.  I finished. It was nothing spectacular, other than finishing.  I sweated for about 2 hours + after the run was over.  Glad I got it in though.  Now I’m into week 4 of my marathon training.  My first full marathon.  Yep, my first marathon.   I never thought I would have actually done a marathon, well, I’ve signed up for this one at least.  It is scheduled for November 8.  I’ve taken the first step.  As I’ve mentioned before, my wife is an avid runner, a 7-time marathon veteran, and I’m pretty sure what she does and a little extra persuasion convinced me to sign up for my first full.  It will be tough, but I’ll get it done.

Now back to the heat.  I’ve lived in many places where it got hot.  Texas is one of them.  I remember unloading my moving truck in 108 degree heat in Katy, TX in the dead of summer (Mid-August).  Nothing like climbing into a steel box with 12 hours of pure sun heating the box up.  I could have cooked eggs on that thing.  The one difference about Texas heat and North Carolina heat, at least in my opinion, is that Texas heat backs off at night, humidity drops, and it is bearable outside.   Here in Wilmington, 10pm at night, it’s still 85 with 900%  humidity.  I was in the garage, pumping up a bike tire on my bike on Sunday morning, at 6am, and I had to change shirts when I was done 2 minutes later due to how much I sweated.

But here’s the crazy thing….I don’t mind it.  I like to workout more in the heat than in the cold.  I’d rather go run 5 miles when it’s 90 out than when it was 40 out.   Ideally in the 70’s is perfect, but it’s not 70 all year here in NC.  Now, I don’t like to walk around in downtown Wilmington when it’s 90 out for very long, as sweat profusely and need a change of shirts.   But I don’t mind working out running, or biking or just being in the yard doing yardwork.

So as my training progresses into longer runs and harder workouts, and the summer continues, I’ll be experimenting to get me thru the marathon.  This includes what to drink, what to eat, taking salt pills or salt sticks, electrolyte water (or whatever my wife recommends I take).  So, look forward to hearing from me more about how hot it will be during my workouts, a little bitch session of mine along the way, but also what works and doesn’t work. Maybe it will be good for someone else, and maybe someone will have some recommendations for me.  What do you prefer as your ideal workout weather: hot, cold, rainy, not at all?


One thought on “What the hell was that?

  1. I think my jaw actually dropped when you said you would rather run in swamp than in 40. It sort of works out though, you get the fall marathons and I get the winter/spring ones. Except for Chicago. And Boston. And Houston. And Wrightsville Beach….. enjoy the cold front that’s coming!


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